Hill Climb Racing Game Play Online For Free

Why do people play racing games? You will understand that after trying Hill Climb Racing! It has one very simple goal – to drive as far as possible. But doing that isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many different obstacles ahead: steep slopes, trees, swamps, toxic substances and other dangers. Some of them slow down your movement and pose a risk of breaking the driver’s neck, some destroy the fuel supply, which you will be constantly lacking anyway. After all, replenishments are quite rare, especially when you have traveled more than a thousand miles. Are you ready for all these challenges? Then let’s begin!

Beat daring tracks, collect all the coins!

The game has 27 different locations available: mountains, caves, cute snow-covered trails, sun-scorched dessert and many others, even space. When you first enter the game, you have access to just the countryside – green meadows with steep slopes and the first car, a simple jeep. All other locations and vehicles must be purchased for coins gathered on tracks.

Each location has, apparently, an infinite number of levels that open every 200-300 meters. Every level comes with a generous reward of several thousand coins. You can get the money in several more ways: collect it along the way, stay in the air for as long as possible and twist somersaults. So rather than simply passing the track and getting done with it, you are encourage to show your best performance and maneuver a lot to maximize your earnings.

Unlock all the vehicles or make your own!

In addition to a large number of locations, Hill Climb Racing has a lot of vehicles that are adapted for certain tracks. Here you are offered to ride a motorcycle, tractor, moon rover and even test a tank. All of these kinds of transport can be upgraded to improve their performance. You can buy certain spare parts and install them on your car to make it faster, sturdier, lower the fuel consumption and so on. There is also an ability to put together your very own vehicle from scratch in the garage. And what makes the game especially fun during the winter holidays is that you can ride a sleigh with reindeer dressed as Santa at the Christmas location or at the North Pole.

The controls are simple – all you need to do is hit the gas and brake pedals. Slowing down and speeding up is important to keep your balance because it’s easy to overturn on the hills if you keep driving like crazy. At the same time, you need to accelerate when the road goes upward or your car will simply get stuck. So despite primitive cartoonish graphics and not much of realism, this game succeeds in giving the players exactly what they are looking for in racing games – a good deal of adrenaline, the risk of breaking down and the sense of achievement when you finish the level setting a new record. See for yourself playing Hill Climb Racing online!

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