Hill Climb Racing 3

Nowadays, there are all kinds of racing games with stunning 3D graphics and realistic controls that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the process. But, as evidenced by Hill Climb Racing 3, a game of this genre shouldn’t necessarily live up to the latest high-tech standards to win everyone’s love. And after you play this fun and simple arcade even for a little while, you’ll understand what it means!

The point of Hill Climb Racing is not in the amazing degree of realism or visual effects. It’s about driving through different terrains, trying out the capabilities of different vehicles and of course doing something all gamers love so much – collecting stars and increasing your score. All races take place in challenging off-road environments. The controls are extremely simple: there are throttle and brake buttons. When you press the gas, the vehicle goes forward. On the brake, it stops and goes back. In the air, pressing the gas turns the car counterclockwise, and the brake clockwise.

This is not all. In order to complicate the game, the cars have various parameters. For example: engine power, suspension softness, traction and fuel consumption. The latter is particularly important because you need to fill your tank constantly by picking up cans of gas scattered on the road. And the further you go the longer the distance between them, so at some point you can’t afford to skip them anymore.

Coins are also located on the map and you can collect them to maximize your score. But this isn’t the only way to win money here. Rewards are also given for performing tricks that won’t only allow you to save up a few pennies more, but also look quite fun and spectacular. Besides, all the time you follow the story of the main hero, a driver named Bill. He isn’t there just for a tick – he can actually get hurt when his head is open and sometimes you can also see him fly out of the vehicle. And on holidays, he will wear a cool costume to cheer you up! Discover what else is waiting for you in Hill Climb Racing 3 playing this great game online!

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14 Stars
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