Hill Climb Racing 2

Those who are crazy about racing games know what exactly makes them so riveting. It’s of course the choice of cars and their unique characteristics that can turn every session into a peculiar experience unlike all the rest. And Hill Climb Racing 2 has a lot to offer in this respect! The game features over a dozen different vehicles. Some of them are really good, others are made just for fun. So which one should you drive? Let’s see!

The first car you don’t have to lay out a penny for is jeep. Even without paid tuning, you can easily win cups on it until the decisive race to platinum, so that’s really enough for the start. Jeep is stable and predictable enough, there won’t be any problems with the controls. This vehicle can be called a “strong middling” when the characteristics and disadvantages of other options become clear. Without any cash infusion, only due to free upgrades, it will allow you to reach the third gold level. However, it’s advisable not to waste your money on any improvement and save up for a better car instead.

Then you might have a temptation to buy something more exotic – say, a scooter. But better think twice. This vehicle has a peculiar way of acceleration and weak stability: it tends to stand on the rear wheel and roll over. The same can be said about motorcycle. And you surely shouldn’t fork out on any fun-looking options like bus, tank or even moon rover. Sure, it’s hilarious to drive it just to have a shot at it, but all these kinds of transport won’t give you any real advantages against other cars in the race. You can buy them only if you don’t have anything else to spend your cash on.

So what is the best possible choice in Hill Climb Racing 2? With certainty, you won’t regret purchasing a rally car! It successfully combines high maximum speed and confident acceleration, low landing and driver protection, good flyability and low jumping ability. On this car, you can go through absolutely all the cups and, in most cases, set personal time records. In almost all competitions, it is the rally in the first place. Another worthy option is buggy. Lightweight, low, with sharp acceleration and built-in driver protection, it’s ideal for lunar races and mountain climbing. It has only one drawback: it practically doesn’t go in reverse. Now that you learned some tips about different types of transport in Hill Climb Racing 2, it should be easier for you to show really impressive performance! Good luck!

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